…but if you are reading this you have thought about it, maybe for quite some time.

The idea of therapy can be scarier than the reality. All that actually happens is a conversation between two people in a room and, as you get to know your therapist over time, it gets easier and feels more normal.

You start with an initial session of 50 minutes, as a meet and greet and assessment. There is a bit of paperwork to complete and then you and your therapist will start to work out where the problems are and what your goals for change might be. At the end of the session you may have already decided that you’d like to continue and so you would arrange a date together for the following week. Equally, you may need some time to process the session and can make contact to re-book when you have decided.

That’s it, first session done! Hopefully you will be left with a lot to think about and you will have taken a big step towards making significant and positive changes in your life.