I am an integrative therapist which means I draw on theories and techniques from different therapy models. The main ones I use are:

Person-centred or humanistic – you are an individual human-being, not a collection of problems to be fixed. I offer a warm, friendly, and safe place to be you, talk about anything you want and have a relationship that will help you feel listened to and valued and understood

CBT – the thoughts you are having and the way you behave because of them may well be making life difficult. We will explore these together and see if there are ways you could change them to help you function and feel better.

Psychodynamic – you may be put off if you know anything about Freud and Jung but they developed ground-breaking understanding of human development, how childhood affects us, our sub and unconscious and dream states and how we use strategies to protect ourselves from suffering. I use these theories to help us explore the deeper parts of who you are and understand how you have come to be the way you are now.

You probably won’t notice which of these models we are using. I ‘integrate’ them so we can move easily between talking about your past, present and future and cover all bases. As I am also a coach, some of our sessions may involve action-planning and goal setting but we can’t jump to that without doing some of the other work of understanding first.