There is increasing clinical evidence that ‘talking therapy’ can be a very effective way of addressing personal problems and improving your mental and emotional wellbeing. It helps increase your self-awareness and understanding, builds new skills for dealing with situations and relationships and can boost your confidence and resilience to cope with life.

As with everything though, there isn’t a blanket guarantee that ‘all therapy helps all people’. What makes therapy work well is if you feel you can trust your therapist and you can be open to new ways of thinking about yourself and your life experiences.

It’s normal to feel a bit sceptical if you haven’t tried counselling before. You can read testimonials from previous clients who felt the same way as you and whose opinion changed dramatically by the end of therapy (reviews).

If you start the process and feel that it isn’t right for you, or you don’t think sessions are helping, you are always in control of continuing or stopping. We can make suggestions for other therapists or services if appropriate.