What will happen in a session?

It really depends on what you are trying to achieve, and how you feel on the day. There is no fixed agenda and it depends on what you bring to the session. The integrative approach to therapy means that on somedays you might just want to talk and download your over-thinking mind and your therapist [...]

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I have private medical insurance…

If you have health insurance either privately or through work, you may want to check to see if your policy covers counselling therapy. Most policies have an annual allowance to see a registered therapist so your sessions would be paid for, minus any policy excess you may be liable for when you make a claim. [...]

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How do I make the first step?

You can use the contact form to send a message, or call Alex on 07779 004292 or send a direct email. If you have any questions she will be happy to answer them and then we can discuss the best time as soon as possible to make an initial appointment. Taking the first step and [...]

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Where & When?

All sessions are only available online on Skype, Zoom or by phone. We would normally try to find a regular time if we are meeting weekly. Appointments are available Monday to Wednesday from 10am to 7pm. Later afternoon or evening appointments are in high demand so there may be a waiting period if you need [...]

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90 minute assessment session - £120 50 minute weekly counselling session - £80 per week or £300 paid monthly 50 minute therapeutic coaching session - £100 per session or £500 for block of 6 All fees are payable in advance of the session and paid by BACS transfer.  


I’ve never done anything like this before…

…but if you are reading this you have thought about it, maybe for quite some time. The idea of therapy can be scarier than the reality. All that actually happens is a conversation between two people in a room and, as you get to know your therapist over time, it gets easier and feels more [...]

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What does confidential mean?

Everything discussed stays between you and your therapist. We do not contact or share information with your employer, GP, family or anyone else, nor would we disclose the fact you are attending sessions if someone asks. If you require a written assessment or report for any reason (for example, a GP referral or to authorise health [...]

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Will it work for me?

There is increasing clinical evidence that 'talking therapy' can be a very effective way of addressing personal problems and improving your mental and emotional wellbeing. It helps increase your self-awareness and understanding, builds new skills for dealing with situations and relationships and can boost your confidence and resilience to cope with life. As with everything [...]

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